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Drug Testing

People under the influence of drug or alcohol at the workplace put themselves and others at risk. Drug and alcohol testing can help to insure the safest work environment.

We provide a full spectrum of drug and alcohol testing catered to your specific needs whether it is an instant or lab-based test. Our testing services include pre-access to site testing, pre-employment testing, and random drug testing.

We strive to provide flexibility for all our clients by offering a variety of option in an attempt to make the testing as stress-free as possible:

Emergency or after-hours testing because there is no way to know when an accident will happen. If an incident were to occur at your worksite drug and alcohol testing needs to be done as quickly as possible to determine if substance use was a contributing factor. We are on call 24/7.

Mobile Drug Testing if you are in a remote location or just want to minimize down time. We can come to your work site ensuring testing is done in an efficient, timely and confidential manner.

Appointments are required, please call our office to discuss your drug testing needs.

All of collectors are Certified Specimen Collectors in addition to having backgrounds as medical professionals. We use escreen in conjunction with a Medical Review Officer to interpret lab results.

Drug Testing Options include:

Urine Drug Testing: the most commonly used and highly accurate method to detect the presence of drugs in the industry.

Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Testing: Oral fluid drug testing measures drug levels in a donor’s saliva. This form of testing is easily collected and conducted anywhere and is virtually impossible to adulterate.

Saliva Alcohol Testing: This test can be used any time to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva.