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Bear Aware

Bear Aware

Bear Aware is a 4 hour training program design for people who work, hunt or enjoy recreational activities in remote locations within Canada’s bear country.   Bear safety training should be an essential part of your safety plan. Bears are unpredictable and by participating in a bear safety program you will learn how to avoid encounters with bears and be better prepared to respond to defensive or non – defensive encounters.  Knowing the appropriate response to an encounter with a bear could save your life and the lives of those you are with. Each participant receives a certification of completion. This program can be combined with Bear Spray Training.

This course includes the following topics:

  • Bear Ecology
  • Grizzly and black bear identification
  • Identifying signs of a bear in the area
  • Avoiding bear encounters
  • Types of bear attacks
  • What to do in a bear attack
  • Introduction to bear spray
  • Other species of concern (cougar, moose, coyote)
  • Question period: Review of current practices

Bear Spray: Carry Bear Spray and Know How To Use It

During bear season, April through to November, it is particularly important to be vigilant and our on-site Bear Spray Workshop provides the practical experience necessary should a bear encounter occur.  This workshop can be tailored to recreational groups, community organizations or workers. Participants will be provided with inert (no pepper) training canisters enabling them to go through the experience of using the product.  It is important to gain confidence in the ability to actually use the bear spray.

After discussing the various scenarios you may encounter in the wild we will provide you with inert (no pepper) training canisters, to. It is important that you gain confidence in your ability to use it.

Program Outline:

  • Bear Spray Research
  • Discussion of scenarios of encounters that may occur
  • Bear Spray Myths
  • Tips on storage and use