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Canadian Red Cross CPR/AED

Courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) provide the skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies and choking for adults, children, and babies depending on the level of CPR chosen. All public CPR courses include the latest CPR guidelines and now include training in Automated External Defibrillation (AED). In order to be successful, candidates must demonstrate practical skill competency, achieve a minimum of 75% on a multiple-choice exam and attend the full course. Upon successful completion of all Levels of CPR participants will receive a Canadian Red Cross CPR and AED certificate that is valid for three years.

Course Curriculum

  • CPR Level “A”
    • Adult
  • CPR Level “C”
    • Adult, Child and Baby
  • CPR Level “HCP”
    • Adult, Child and Baby
    • Pulse Check
    • BVM
    • Two-Rescuer

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites required.