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Hearing Molds

Custom Hearing Molds

Earmold group of colors (2)We are proud to offer quality custom-fit hearing protection.  Your custom hearing protectors will be made out of a flexible, soft yet strong material that is guaranteed to last 4 years but in most cases they will last well beyond 7-8 years. Imagine the money you could save, in most cases we find our Custom Fit Products will pay for themselves between 5-7 months.

Vented Hearing Protection:

This is our most popular earmold for the industrial workplace. This model has a vent channel through the ear canal with our proprietary filtering system installed to allow some speech levels conversation to be heard. This model can come with a removable cord that you can use to convert the earmold from a vented to a non-vented earmold for addition noise reduction.

Solid Hearing Protection:

This is for people who need optimum protection for more extreme sounds for longer periods of time.

Sleep Earmold:

This model is trimmed down into a canal version as well as hollowed out in the back part of the earmold for maximum comfort during sleep.

Radio Earmold:

This earmold is designed to allow communication to be received in the ear. Loud background noises don’t compete with radio transmissions.

Musicians Hearing Protectors:

These come with a filter installed that allows the musician to hear their music exactly as it sounds across all frequencies, but at a safe noise level.

You hearing doesn’t have to be something you regret losing. Little by little, hearing degradation can sneak up on you without even becoming aware of it. Many times we may be exposed to noises over the years that we don’t even realize can damage our hearing. It is better to protect your hearing now, rather than wear an assistive hearing device later in life.